Turned Out To Be TPE, So Dior Can Squeeze This Mascara

Squeezable mascara tube, it’s not easy! “To achieve a squeezable mascara tube, we are always looking for a material that is flexible and aesthetically pleasing, and that can be processed with multi-component injection molding,” said Marion DEFOUR, Head of cosmetics packaging R&D team at Kristin Dior -COLAS said.

He said, “By working with our mascara and packaging experts Mayet and KRAIBURG TPE, we have selected a TPE composite material whose properties fully meet our application specifications.”

According to Marion DEFOUR-COLAS, Dior’s squeezable mascara body is made using a two-component injection molding process. Its internal structure is a co-polyester material, and its outer surface is made of KRAIBURG TPE.

“The most important point for us is that TPE composites can achieve the perfect balance between cohesiveness, softness, and low hardness of copolyesters while ensuring that mascara containers can be used throughout the product’s life cycle. The resilience is still retained after multiple repetitive extrusions,” said Sylvain Coutan, project manager of Mayet SAS, TEXEN Group.

“The modern packaging market puts high demands on the functionality and aesthetics of the materials. Cosmetic packaging is even more so. Cosmetic packaging often has to give consumers a lasting experience through its colorful design and wonderful texture.” Michael Pollmann, Marketing Director, said.

KRAIBURG TPE can provide a full range of thermoplastic elastomer products, including special composite adhesives. These products have good direct adhesion to thermoplastic polymers (including ABS and polyamide) and can be widely used in automotive, industrial and consumer products, and even in demanding medical applications.

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