Trinseo Brings MAGNUMTM ABS TO Show Thailand’s InterPlas Show

Trinseo, a global supplier of material solutions and a manufacturer of plastics, latex adhesives and synthetic rubber, has been helping designers and manufacturers differentiate their products for decades. Users provide satisfactory service. From June 20th to 23rd at InterPlas in Thailand, Trinseo launched MAGNUMTM ABS resin.

This product is manufactured by a continuous large number of polymerization techniques rather than emulsification. In addition to producing higher-purity polymers, this technology produces a highly consistent, naturally-white ABS resin, resulting in a very cost-effective resin that requires less pigment to color . This natural white resin color can simplify color matching, especially if the final desired color is light. This ABS resin also provides an excellent balance of processing ability, impact resistance and heat resistance.

Heat resistance, matt effect and other applicable automotive fields

The high standards and heat resistance of Trinseo’s MAGNUMTM ABS resin have been recognized by senior automotive manufacturers. Thanks to its low VOC emissions and odor, as well as its matt effect and ease of removal, it can be used in automotive interior applications such as center consoles, instrument panels, door trims and armrests. In addition, MAGNUM ABS resin is also suitable for external applications due to its heat resistance and impact resistance, such as: spoilers, mirror housings, bumper brackets, side mirrors, etc.

Drug resistance, durability and other applicable medical industries

For customers in the medical industry, Trinseo’s advanced materials can be used in different aspects of medical equipment, from improved drug resistance, chemical substances, greater aesthetic appeal, and even increased durability of equipment use. Medical devices made of MAGNUMTM ABS resin can be sterilized by gamma ray, ethylene oxide (EtO) gas and electron beam radiation, and maintain their basic characteristics after exposure. Trinseo’s medical manufacturing facilities and related to meet the latest 2016 ISO 13485, more emphasis on risk management and process validation.

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