This New Mixer Has Monitoring Function

Metso’s new WXBTM gravity extrusion mixer includes a weight-increasing (GIW) gravity and loss-in-weight (LIW) mixing chamber that is combined in a machine with a Maguire® 4088 controller. in.

When weight gain is said to accurately measure each component into the weighing hopper in batches, the loss-in-weight mixing chamber can accurately measure how much material enters the molding machine from the mixer and assists in controlling extrusion and traction according to process variables.

The 4088 controller is the most advanced mixer controller from the United States and is designed to communicate with other systems in the Industrial 4.0 environment. It enables the WXB mixer to interface with the Maguire + SyncroTM monitoring system, enabling control of all parts of the line with a single touch screen HMI control.

For example, in blown film production, the system controls extruder temperature, feedstock metering and consumption data, wind ring automation, metering, internal bubble cooling, mesh and cage handling, traction and winders. The system can be used to perform coextrusion on multiple extruders.

The Maguire + Syncro control display allows the user to easily visualize the single layer and coextrusion process. Available extrusion control modes include how many pounds or kilograms per hour, the weight of each extrusion, and the product micron thickness.

Initially, the WXB blender is available in three models: WXB 100 for blends up to 100-220 lbs/hr (50-100 kg/hr); WXB 200 for blends up to 220-440 lbs/hr (100-200 kg) /hour); WXB 400 is suitable for mixing up to 440-880 lb / h (200-400 kg / h).

The mixer can handle up to 12 materials, each with a separate dispensing valve. The WXB mixer is compact and includes safe operating guards. The mixing chamber is easy to remove for quick cleaning. All of the loading system options for the company are integrated into the controller.

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