Thermoplastic Composites That Can Be Used In Injection Molding Processes

At present, due to the lack of cost-effective and scalable production processes, the further expansion of Covestro’s advanced composite materials is hindered. In addition, it is not easy to apply it to mass-produced products.

The emergence of MaezioTM composites will break this situation. This future-oriented composite is made of continuous carbon or glass reinforced polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane or other thermoplastic resin.

At the Markt Bibart production site in southern Germany, Covestro uses these materials to produce composite unidirectional tapes and sheets that are then supplied to customers for further processing. These materials are sturdy, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, and can be combined into a variety of products to give designers a whole new creative space.

Suitable for large-scale production

The composite material is thermoformed by using an existing thermoforming tool, which has a high yield and a short production cycle. These advantages are especially critical when the annual production of parts reaches a million pieces.

In addition, production techniques such as injection molding, automatic tape laying, and automatic wire laying are also applicable to the composite material. As a thermoplastic composite, MaezioTM products can be recycled after the end of their life cycle.

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