The Price Gap Has Narrowed And All-Electric Technology IS Maturing

At present, the price difference between hydraulic injection molding machines and all-electric injection molding machines is shrinking year by year, especially in the series of injection molding machines with low clamping force range.

The all-electric injection molding machine has better precision, power change and lower energy consumption, and is more and more popular in the market. The development of all-electric injection molding machines has also promoted the development of Sumitomo Demag in the past few years, and the company’s investment in high-efficiency, high-precision IntElect series injection molding machine technology continues to grow.

Gerd Liebig, CEO of Sumitomo Demag, said, “The technology of all-electric motors such as IntElect series injection molding machines is becoming more and more mature. After comparing various indicators, more and more customers are more interested in all-electric motors. In addition to power, precision, In addition to technical advantages such as reproducibility, processing stability and low energy efficiency, it also has the decisive factor for customers to purchase equipment – high cost performance and rapid return on investment.”

Sumitomo Demag management revealed that the current demand for the IntElect series of motors is far more than expected. For example, in the past 12 months, more than 50% of the injection molding machines sold by Sumitomo Demag have come from the IntElect full-motor series.

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