The Application Of Hot Runners In Injection Molds Continues To Expand

The application of hot runner technology has developed rapidly in foreign countries. More than 50% of the molds produced by many injection mold factories use hot runner technology, even more than 80%, the effect is very obvious. Hot runners are also gaining more and more attention in China, and the usage rate of some mold companies has reached 20%~30%.

Push Mould Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Pushi Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Wuliangye. At the Shanghai International Medical Exhibition (CMEF) last year, it attracted many eyeballs with 48-cavity PET vacuum blood collection tube mold. The blood collection tube adopts a full hot runner with a cavity number of 48, a product weight of 3.9 g, a molding cycle of 8 s, and an annual output of 150 million pieces, achieving high quality and high efficiency. With the rapid prototyping of Demag’s blood vessel special high-speed injection molding machine and the automatic processing of the back end of Weili robot, the in-mold pick-up, transfer, finishing and packing are carried out. The system cycle is only 7.5 seconds, and the efficiency is increased by more than 50%, which refreshes the new industry Record.

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