Tesla is getting world’s first 8,000-ton casting machine to build Cybertruck pickup truck

Tesla has secured an order for the world’s first 8,000-ton casting machine with expection to produce the Cybertruck pickup truck.

Tesla is now producing the Model Y with one giant rear underbody that used to be made of 70 parts. Elon Musk wants to simplify the manufacturing process and replace 70 parts with one sigle casting. That’s why a 8,000-ton casting machine is needed.

He said during the conference call for Tesla’s Q4 2020 financial results:

“We’ll soon order the equipment necessary to make the Cybertruck work. We’re actually going to be using even bigger machines for the rear body of Cybertruck because you’ve got – obviously, it’s a bigger vehicle and you’ve got a long truck bed that’s going to do a lot of loads. So we’ll be using an 8,000-ton casting press for the rear body casting, as opposed to 6,000 tons for Model Y. So 6,000 tons was the biggest casting machine in the world.”

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