Technological Innovation Thermoplastics Welcomes Multi-Field Development

It is understood that thermoplastics are made of thermoplastic resin as the main component and added with various additives. Under certain temperature conditions, the plastic can be softened into any shape, but when it is cooled, it can maintain its shape.

As a kind of plastics with such a wide range of uses, thermoplastics have made new breakthroughs in production technology. Stratasys has introduced a new high performance thermoplastic, the Antero800NA, based on polyetherketoneketone. Compared with ordinary thermoplastics, Antero800NA has a wider range of applications and is mainly used in the manufacture of high-end industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas. In addition, this high-performance thermoplastic is more resistant to corrosion, emits less gas during the molding process, and is no longer affected by acid or organic compound functional groups, so it can be used as a fuel and lubricant.

In the field of medical devices, there are thermoplastics from the packaging of medicines and pharmaceuticals, to disposable medical devices (such as drip bottles, syringes, etc.) and non-disposable medical devices (such as meters, surgical instruments, etc.). Take polyetheretherketone (PEEK) as an example. PEEK can be applied to implantable medical devices that alleviate patient suffering, such as gastrointestinal stents and implantable body fluid pumps, to eliminate the pain of traditional puncture.

Thermoplastics are gradually expanding their market influence due to their many advantages such as improving product performance, simplifying processing, increasing labor productivity and reducing costs. In the future, with the deeper understanding and understanding of thermoplastics, this category of plastics will have more new applications for people to use.

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