Taking Car Lights As Starting Point To Unlock Multiple Needs

As one of the automotive electrical equipment, the headlights also have a huge industrial cluster in the Changzhou region, bringing together hundreds of headlights companies led by Xingyu Co., Ltd. and TYC Damao headlights. In order to deepen the market in the region, Izhemi has taken the field of automotive lighting as the starting point, studied the application requirements of the industry, optimized the plasticizing components and the oil circuit system, and successfully solved the black spots, water ripples, bubbles, and pseudo-water lines, and other pain points. High value-added plastic parts, such as PC/PMMA transparent masks, light guides, and 3.3cm lenses, have formed a good reputation in the field of optical molding.

At present, Yizhimi’s customers cover famous companies such as Yishan, Jiuding, Donggang, COSCO, Wenguang, Xinyuan, Qinlong, and Xingyu. Key parts suppliers: Changzhou Huike, Changzhou Liyu. At the same time, they are also concerned about the development and application of Iraqi-Mi-Mai multi-material injection molding machine.

Jiuding Automobile Industry Shares: Achieve Strategic Cooperation

Changzhou Jiuding Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to the research, development, production and sales of automotive lamps. It specializes in the production of headlights, rear taillights, front fog lamps, and rearview mirror turn signals. It is Hunan Changfeng Cheetah, Mercedes Benz, and Honda. Beijing modern, Chery Land Rover and other brands supporting products exported to Europe and the United States in many countries and regions. Since 2010, Jiuding Automobile Industry has developed more than 200 models of supporting projects. At present, it has achieved nearly 170 balance-sheet projects.

Thanks to Yi Zhimi’s thorough research on the application technology of the automotive lamp products and the good performance of the equipment, Jiuding Automobile Industry has reached a good strategic cooperation with Yizhimi and has purchased nearly 30 injection molding machines for producing headlight masks. Thick-walled light guides and lenses.

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