Structural Solutions For New Mold Side-Mounted Cylinders

Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow exhibited a structural solution with a new side-mounted cylinder at NPE 2018, in which a hydraulic or pneumatic drive cylinder for the needle valve nozzle was placed outside the mold. This configuration has time and cost advantages for repair and maintenance work, and the cooling device can also be omitted.

In this new design, the working cylinder is placed outside the hot runner, so the entire system component can be operated more easily, and the working cylinder can be operated without disassembling the mold. Instead, the operator simply removes the runner plate from the lever to perform maintenance on the hot runner system while the cylinder is still installed on the template.

The second major advantage of the side-mounted work cylinder is that it is remote from the flow plate area. Therefore, the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder does not need to be cooled. The configuration of the hot runner system and the connections in the mold can be greatly simplified since no cooling lines or corresponding joints are required.

The working cylinder on the side of the mold for operating the needle valve can be easily converted from a hydraulic or pneumatic drive system to HRSflow’s FLEXflow hot runner needle valve solution servo electrical system, since the extension rod and lever used to drive the valve needle are identical.

Compared with the traditional needle valve system, this method has obvious advantages, not only can make a large Class A surface, but also can reduce warpage. The product is also suitable for clean room applications due to its dry, clean working mode.

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