Straight Rod Technology For High Precision Injection Molding Of Liquid Silicone

In many applications, the integrated injection molding process is a prerequisite for the bonding of thermoplastics and silicones in a stable layer. For example, windshield fasteners that can be used for rain sensors use couplings made of PBT and LSR.

The production of two-component components can take full advantage of Engel’s tie-bar technology victory series injection molding machines. The tie-barless technology allows the installation of large, complex multi-component molds on relatively small machines.

Engel linear robots can reach the mould cavity directly from the side and operate safely without having to avoid any protruding edges to achieve fully automated production.

In this application, the rodless tie rod technology has greatly ensured the consistency of production and achieved higher overall efficiency. The patented voltage divider allows the moving mold to move with precision as the clamping force is gradually increased, and ensures that the clamping force is evenly distributed on the platen. In this way, both the inner cavity and the outer cavity of the mold have the same force to reduce the wear of the mold, and the product quality is also improved.

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