Standing On The Tip Of The Hot Runner Technology Pyramid

The promotion of new technologies is always in the process of continually solving problems and accumulating experience all the way through, and the hot runner technology is also the same. Männer, a company with more than 50 years of history from the industrial powerhouse Germany, its hot runner business department is using its unique technical advantages and mold experience to clean up the technical problems in the hot runner application process and become the hot runner final solution on the market. The supplier, the pyramid technology provider.

In the medical field, männer offers PVC hot runner solutions; in the automotive sector, hot runner solutions with flame retardant fireproofing materials are also available. Both of these technologies represent a certain level of technical skill in the industry, because PVC and fireproof materials release chlorine during heating and corrode the mold, which is a technical problem that many hot runner suppliers have headaches.

In fact, in the medical industry, männer is best at providing medical device solutions such as insulin pens, asthma drug inhalers, etc. Precision components and mutual precision are our expertise.

Männer’s expertise in hot runner technology is due to the deep penetration of their hot runner technology and the deep technological precipitation of the German company founded in 1965. In fact, männer started from the production of molds and has extensive industry experience in mold design and production. Hot runners are the technology used in the molds, so the doorway of the deep mold technology is critical to providing a more scientific hot runner technology solution.

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