Smart Cups: Smart 3D Printing Polymerization Microcapsule Technology Cup

In the biodegradable cup, the flavor ingredients are “printed”, after which only pure water is injected, and even without stirring, a zero-calorie, sugar-free energy drink is presented to people. The smart cup was launched by Smart Cups. Co-founder and CEO Chris Kanik stated that the company’s goal is to promote this smart 3D printing polymer microcapsule technology bottle to various industries so that more people can benefit from this novelty. Portable environmental protection patented technology.

Using leading microencapsulation technology, the active substances and flavor substances are locked in, and then using the 3D printing technology, which has been hot in recent years, these microcapsules are printed and integrated on the biodegradable cup wall substrate. When liquid is infused, the active ingredients and flavor substances in the microcapsules are freely released and become a cup of ready-to-drink beverage.

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