Side Gate Hot Runner System Cracking Process New Challenge

Since the drug needs to be stored in a prefilled syringe for a certain period of time and transported, conventional materials such as glass, PP, PC, etc. cannot meet the demand, and the cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) and the cyclic olefin polymer (COP) are Excellent performance in this regard.

COC/COP has high transparency, low birefringence, low water absorption, high rigidity, high heat resistance, good water vapor tightness and other FDA standards, making it an ideal material for prefilled syringes. It has been reported that the excellent moisture barrier properties of COC syringes extend the shelf life of some drug solutions to more than three years, while PC or PP do not meet this requirement and are biologically inert, so the purity of the drug is not affected.

Crack the new challenges of the process

However, from the structure of the prefilled syringe, the main part includes the syringe, the push rod and the like, and there is a core pulling process in the injection molding process. If the general processing method is adopted, the product is placed in the mold, which will lead to the mold. The size is too large to achieve industrial mass production.

This problem will be solved if a side gate hot runner system is used. With this system, the core pulling is in the same direction as the mold opening, saving space and laying the foundation for mass production. Taking a 32-hole syringe as an example, the mold size of the system is only required to be 500 mm * 550 mm. According to reports, the side runner valve hot runner is a well-known German hot runner / mold supplier männer patented product. In addition, since COC/COP is sensitive to injection temperature, these factors must be taken into account at the beginning of the hot runner design.

In addition to the general medical industry, the medical beauty industry may have greater demand for this, such as hyaluronic acid and other products are more sensitive to biological reactivity, and the stability of packaging materials is higher. The side runner valve hot runner system is also suitable for medical materials such as POM and PC.

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