Shenzhen International UAV EXPO

Glad to meet our clients “King-meter” at 4th Shenzhen International UAV EXPO (from June 20 to June 22), Normal UAV-Ecosystem products including UAV frame, flight control system, payloads and motors. But now “King-meter” showcasing its latest wireless charging platform for UAV.

With unmanned aerial vehicles inching closer to total autonomy through increasingly sophisticated software infused with machine learning and artificial intelligence, it appears that wireless charging is the last remaining element to making hypothetical scenarios such as continuous use and functionality in various industries a reality.

In other words, if you want a fleet of drones to be at-the-ready whenever a pressing issue arises, you’ll want them to stay powered as long as necessary without the need of manual battery replacement. In order to feasibly garner that autonomous, humanless capability, solving the charging problem is imperative. King-meter’s solution is the current answer to that particular question. The company offers excellent UAV solutions in areas like inspection, public safety, search & rescue, surveying & mapping, environmental protection and many more to help people work with greater safety, higher efficiency and lower cost.

Fitmold assist the material & process choosing and prototyping for this wireless charging platform. We had rich experience on fast prototyping or short qty manufacturing, which is help a lot on realizing your idea.

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