SABIC Sustainable Development Project Is Steadily Advancing

Abdullah Harman Al-Faji, Executive Vice President, Petrochemical Strategy Division, SABIC. SABIC has successfully carried out a number of projects in the area of sustainability. According to Abdullah Harman Al-Faji, Executive Vice President of SABIC Petrochemical Strategy, SABIC has one of the world’s largest carbon dioxide capture devices in Saudi Arabia. Currently capturing 480,000 tons of carbon dioxide. After the carbon dioxide is recovered, it is reused for the production of chemicals such as methanol.

In addition, SABIC has some cooperation with global plastics manufacturers, such as the World Plastic Concil, established four years ago, to help society better manage plastic waste and support regulators to reduce or eventually Eliminate the landfill of plastic waste, as well as the pollution of plastic waste from rivers and oceans.

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