Renewable Resource Recovery System Accelerates Change

The market is huge, but the raw materials are scarce. In 2017, the “Implementation Plan for the Reform of the Import Management System for the Prohibition of Foreign Waste Entry into the Solid Waste” was promulgated. After the ban on the import of waste plastics from domestic sources at the end of 2017, industrial waste plastics will also be completely banned by the end of 2018! The “prohibition of waste” was further upgraded, and the recycling and recycling of plastics received unprecedented attention!

According to statistics, in 2016 China imported 7.3 million tons of waste plastics, worth 3.7 billion US dollars, accounting for 56% of the world’s total imports of waste plastics. In the past, the waste plastics industry, which relies heavily on imports, incomplete recycling industry, low recycling rate, and low proportion of large-scale recycling, will inevitably increase the shortage of raw materials and the urgent need for recycling of renewable resources. change.

The entire chain of waste sorting, waste recycling and disposal, recycling and reuse has yet to be fully opened. The benefits of the policy, as well as the involvement of the Internet and Internet of Things technologies, the “Internet of Things + smart recycling” technology, such as the fire of the stars began to poke. In the field of intelligent waste separation and recycling, Xiaohuanggou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has emerged, achieving the classification and recycling of domestic garbage front-end, unified transportation at the middle end, and centralized treatment at the end. In addition, a group of outstanding enterprises in the environmental recycling industry, such as stupid brother technology, tiger brother, green cat, free bean, thousand bird recycling, octopus, etc., are also cutting into the upstream and back-end links in the recycling field to improve recycling efficiency through the Internet.

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