Reduce The Overall Mold Cost Of Medical Carts

Profile Plastics’ medical stroller structure is an innovative surgical system that provides flexibility for a variety of surgical procedures.

The main cart consists of seven pressure-formed housing parts consisting of three pressure-formed housing parts, all of which are made of PC/ABS material to meet the hardness, chemical resistance, heat resistance of the medical cart and Strict requirements of aesthetics. Customers also demanded that the characteristics of mechanical attachments be reduced to a minimum or even zero, which poses many challenges to the structural design of the cart.

The final design of the cart integrates the movement of each structural part to achieve a fastening function and to ensure a beautiful finished seam.

The interaction between the rear top cover and the side cover of the main cart needs to be achieved by means of an invisible fastening system, while also maintaining the aesthetics of the seams between the parts. The rear top cover uses a complex core pull rod to engage the slit on the table.

The large front cover of the sub-cart uses a four-sided bottom cutting method due to the extreme pulling depth. The design of this part of the structure eliminates the need for additional side panels and reduces overall tooling costs.

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