Recycling And Green Materials Have Broad Prospects

Due to the concern of the circular economy, recycling and green materials are also rapidly developing throughout the plastics industry. Especially in the field of plastics processing, the demand for recycling is huge. In terms of materials, biodegradable and bio-based materials have become a hot topic in the industry.

FKuR will showcase its wide range of bio-based thermoplastics for injection molding, thermoforming and extrusion, including the advanced injection molding grade Bio-Flex S 7514, and bio-based TPE and PP grades for a variety of applications.

Bio-Flex S 7514 is a biodegradable compound based on polylactic acid (PLA) that is optimized by FKuR for particularly convenient and efficient processing. Thanks to its good fluidity (MFR = 27 g/10 min), it is also suitable for multi-cavity molds as well as parts with longer flow paths. It has high heat resistance (Vicat A = 110 ° C) without using a heat-resistant additive, and a shorter cycle time can be achieved.

The material has a bio-based raw material content of 75%, in both natural and white colors, and can be made into other colors using a variety of masterbatches. Typical examples of applications are in the food and beverage sector, such as tableware. In addition, FKuR’s various bioplastic products include bio-based TPE and PP-based compounds.

Terraprene is a bio-based TPE compound for extrusion and injection molding with a biobased feedstock content of 40% to 90%. Its mechanical properties are the same as those of similar petrochemical products, and can be processed on existing production equipment and tooling. Complex components can also be produced using two-component injection molding.

Terralene PP is a PP compound with a biobased carbon content of approximately 35% (ASTM D 6866). In the field of injection molding and profile extrusion, it is a truly straightforward solution because its performance and processability are comparable to traditional PP grades.

Advanced green materials such as biodegradable plastics today are not inferior to their traditional materials in terms of durability, processability and weight. At this year’s Fakuma show, the audience will be able to experience the advancement of these materials technologies on the spot.

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