Rapid Die Change System

How to find new ways to increase output and improve quality under the current market demand characteristics of small batches and varieties? This is a serious problem facing many injection molding companies. The quick die change system has solved this problem very well. It positions and rapidly positions the mold, transports it to the designated position of the injection molding machine by rail, and uses electromagnetic technology to quickly demagnetize and charge the magnet to achieve mold release or lock. The average time of one module is less than 3 minutes, which greatly shortens the batch conversion time, improves the production efficiency, reduces the labor cost, and eliminates the safety hazards of manual replacement.

STAUBLI, a centuries-old company, has launched a one-touch die change system for the injection molding industry. It consists of quick loading of molds, quick locking system of the molds, quick connection system of energy, and automation of industrial processes. With one-click activation, it can easily complete the transportation, loading, locking from the mold to the centralized connection of energy within 60 seconds. The entire process of automated plastic parts retrieval. According to the company’s relevant personnel, the one-touch die change system has become the preferred choice for high-end customers in the auto parts industry such as Pio, Valeo, and Yanfeng.

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