Pretium: SureHandleTM Bottle Wins Multiple US Packaging Awards

Pretium’s SureHandleTM bottle technology, which consists of a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container, serves as an ergonomic handheld single-layer PTE container solution, offering new possibilities for numerous product innovations – Includes beverages, food, household and industrial chemicals.

This time, the technology has won a number of product packaging awards from the Packaging Professional Association (IoPP). In addition to winning prizes in categories such as beverages, non-alcoholic foods, and shelf stability, SureHandleTM has received the special “Best of Show” from Ameristar. honor. Jane Chase, executive director of IoPP, explained: “The ‘Best of Show’ award was for the purpose of recognizing a project that exceeded all of the judgement criteria. The judges agreed that the product is excellent in each category.”

The container handle assembly line was developed at the Practically Impossible Laboratory in Houston, Texas. The production line can be 64 ounces, 38-400 mm, and 2 liters. The production line was developed to help brands provide significant shelf differences, enhance processing convenience, and enhance aesthetics.

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