Precision Injection Molded Indoor LED Lighting Accessories

The global LED industry is in the ascendant, and the trend of intelligent lighting is on the rise. Compared with traditional light sources, LED light sources are characterized by high luminous efficiency, easy control, long service life and low pollution. In recent years, the lighting industry is in the era of revolutionary replacement. In 2016, the global LED lighting market has reached US$34.6 billion, an increase of 15.80%. The market growth rate remains high and it is expected to continue to maintain a strong growth trend.

In LED intelligent lighting systems, control and drive products are key components. Indoor LED lamps are the trend of the times. LED intelligent lighting can adjust the light intensity, realize soft start of the light, and have functions such as scene setting and timing control, which is more intelligent, safe, energy-saving, efficient and comfortable.

In the LED intelligent lighting system, the control and drive products are the key components, and at the same time, there are higher quality requirements for a series of plastic injection parts such as lenses, lampshades, lamp panels, light guide plates, etc., for example: plastic lampshades, light guide plates are transparent. The light is uniform and the appearance and size of the product are more accurate.

However, with the increasing cost of raw materials, the influx of competitors, and the increasing quality of products, the competition in the LED lighting accessories market has become more intense. Some traditional lighting accessories companies are even facing the test of life and death.

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