Plastics Industry In East China Continues To Lead New Trends

In 2018 and in the future, the three bottlenecks in the development of raw materials, advanced molding technology, processes, and equipment will be continuously broken through. Multifunctional, high-performance materials and additives are being developed with emphasis on the functionalization, greenization, and environmental friendliness of materials; the development and application of green, energy-saving, high-efficiency new-type forming processes and technologies will accelerate. The plastic products industry in East China will focus on downstream hot applications such as automobiles, medical devices, and consumer electronics, and will develop toward high value-added products. As an important area of China’s plastics industry, during the national “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” development plan, the plastics industry in East China will continue to lead the new trends in China’s plastics manufacturing, product development and market consumption.

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