Plastic Revolution In Medical Devices

Flat panel display design helps patients manage treatment

The SC haemodialysis system from Quanta Dialysis Technologies won the “Industrial Product Design Award” for the 2018 Plastics Industry Awards.

This SC hemodialysis system is designed to provide an intuitive user experience with logical steps to guide the user through a large interactive graphical touch screen.

The flat display approach is designed to provide patients with a simple platform to manage their treatment process.

Hand-held syringe

The Methofill SELF INJECT from Accord Healthcare Limited is a palm-sized syringe that helps patients automate subcutaneous injections.

The syringe is part of a composite product that is supplied to the patient along with a standard 1 ml pre-filled syringe contained in the cartridge. Its overall easy-to-use design helps users respond flexibly to challenges.

Baby warmer

Infants with premature babies often need to use external force to give life support. They may be sent to the nursery box from birth, isolated from the outside world, and unable to have close contact with their parents.

The BabyleoTN500 incubator addresses this pain point and provides continuous optimal body temperature regulation for open care and closed care newborns. Its ergonomically designed design makes clinicians and nurses more comfortable to use and simplifies their workflow.

In addition, the height of the incubator can be adjusted freely, allowing the mother to approach her baby even if she is in a wheelchair. The emotionally designed Babyleo TN500 provides a comfortable environment for infant care.

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