PET Shivering, Bioplastics Invaded The Packaging Industry

VELOX and SK Chemicals Co. Ltd. (Korea) are providing innovative packaging applications for aerosol containers as well as cosmetic and hot-filled plastic bottles.

It is reported that VELOX has launched a newly developed biocopolyester ECOZEN HF®. It can be used as a replacement for aluminum, glass and PET materials, especially for applications where heat resistance, pressure resistance and transparency are high. Customers have already sampled the grades of the biocopolyester ECOZEN HF®.

“ECOZEN HF® is similar to PET in the injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) process. ECOZEN HF® can also be used in high temperature and high pressure environments where PET is difficult to apply,” explains François Minec, General Manager of VELOX. PET is sometimes used in the production of aerosol spray bottles. However, PET is subject to high residual stress and low temperature, which is prone to waste, especially in the summer, the bottle may leak. ECZEN HF® provides an ideal choice.”

In addition to its outstanding resistance to stress, stress and high temperatures, ECOZEN HF® offers excellent transparency and processability. As a glass substitute, for example for food packaging, it not only helps to reduce weight and shipping costs, it can also be used to produce hot-fill containers, and does not require expensive PET heat setting processes to crystallize bottle necks.

As an aluminum substitute in the cosmetic packaging industry, ECEZEN HF® combines high pressure resistance, design flexibility and high transparency. In addition, ECOZEN HF® can be mixed with PET and recycled together.

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