PET Plastic Separation Technology

Valerio Sama, manager of resource recycling products at Taurang, said: “The new ‘sharp eye’ technology can help waste plastics recycling companies improve the efficiency of recycling. With the development of the Internet economy and the popularity of e-commerce, more and more global Consumers are beginning to adopt a take-away lifestyle. From a global perspective, there are more and more plastic beverage bottles and plastic trays for packaging meals, fruits and vegetables, so the sorting demand for PET trays and PET plastic bottles will be fast. increase.”

At the heart of this breakthrough is Taurang’s patented FLYING BEAM® technology, which allows near-infrared rays to accurately scan every object to be detected on the conveyor belt without the need for external light source illumination. Such “dot matrix scanning” allows the device to be more flexible in signal calibration and higher in recognition accuracy, so that the fine molecular differences that are difficult to identify by conventional means can be found, and the material can be sorted with higher precision. Now, Taurang’s new “sharp eye” technology increases the intensity of the illumination, making the reflected signals of different materials clearer, thus enabling the detection of more subtle material properties.

This breakthrough is of great commercial significance because PET food trays and PET bottles, although of the same PET material, have important chemical differences that make a significant difference in product performance. By separating the two, it is easy to recycle the recycled products, so that the utilization of resources is higher. In addition, the artificial intelligence technology embedded in the Taurang sorting system can seamlessly analyze the sorted products, making the future sorting plant more intelligent.

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