Nordson Launches Uniflow Die For Cast Film Fields With Unique Features

Nordson Corporation has announced that it will provide the extrusion die technology that has been in use worldwide for 15 years under the new name UniflowTM. The UniflowTM die is an ideal replacement for some of the unique features of cast film applications that are not required for a wide range of Extrusion Dies Industries Contour® dies.

Scott Smith, director of the Nordson Polymer Dies business unit, points out that the Contour die is the technologically advanced cast film die on the market, and its unique “sculpture” shape is the key to improving product quality, saving raw materials and minimizing downtime.

The Uniflow die was originally developed by the Belgian company Verbruggen (acquired by Nordson in 2011) and is currently marketed by Nordson under its prestigious Extrusion Dies Industries brand. Mr. Smith said: “Although the Uniflow die is a low-cost alternative to the Contour die, it also offers real advantages for some important applications. It is a versatile die with a single effect. Both layer and multilayer production have been proven.”

With the advent of the Uniflow die and recent innovations in thickness plate control and feedblock adjustment, Nordson’s cast film technology portfolio is now highly diversified, so processors can choose to fully meet their performance requirements. A complete set of die system components.

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