NIO And BASF Build A New Generation Of Intelligent Electric Vehicles In China

On July 16, NIO Weilai, a global electric vehicle company based in China, announced that BASF has been selected as a coatings solution supplier to create a stunning appearance and superior performance for its high-performance intelligent electric SUV ES8.

The 7-seat SUV uses BASF coating solutions for surface pretreatment and coatings, including BASF’s waterborne coating technology and its advanced Oxsilan® film pretreatment technology for metal protection and waterborne applications coating.

Resman, vice president of BASF and general manager of BASF Shanghai Coatings Co., Ltd. said: “Coating is the first visual impression of people on the car. It is the essence of a car’s inner style; the paint also protects and enhances the car’s performance. In both respects, electric vehicle coatings require unique expertise, and BASF can provide solutions that meet the needs of next-generation vehicles. For example, BASF’s surface pretreatment and coating materials for NIO are specifically tailored to ES8 all-aluminum The body, this is also the body material used by NIO to reduce the weight of the car and increase the cruising range.”

“Automakers are increasingly demanding the endurance of smart electric vehicles. We are committed to supporting the growth of our customers and actively developing the Chinese automotive market. BASF’s new automotive coatings production facility in Shanghai will also serve the industry for innovation and Continue to grow the growing demand for coating solutions to ensure compliance with stringent emission regulations,” Reisman added.

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