New SPEED Series And JETMASTER MK6 Series Into Focus

At the exhibition, Chen Hsong Group showed the audience a SPEED-PACK 260 and a JE88-MK6 in the JETMASTER MK6 series. Both machine series are the company’s new series.

It is worth mentioning that the SPEED-PACK series was exhibited at the Fakuma exhibition because the company’s goal is to open up a fast-growing packaging market in Europe. With this new series, the company has a strong advantage in the field of rapid packaging.

SPEED-PACK 260 was developed for fast thin wall packaging. Its maximum clamping force is 260t and the maximum screw speed is 300rpm.

The SPEED-PACK series and JETMASTER MK6 series machines are equipped with speed-controlled servo motors. System pressure is measured in real time by a pressure sensor. In this way, it can provide the required traffic as needed, eliminating useless consumption. This will reduce energy consumption, improve accuracy, and reduce noise and inertia.

For the technical development trend of injection molding machines, H.L.A. Corbey emphasized that the current high speed and low energy consumption are the most important requirements of customers. In addition, more turnkey solutions are needed in some industries.

He also stressed that the Chen Hsong Group’s machines are equipped with Industry 4.0 features that meet the requirements of the latest EUROMAP 77 standard, collecting information and providing remote services.

H.L.A. Corbey concludes: “Our next step will be to introduce advanced prevention features such as maintenance alerts.”

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