New Hot Runner Solutions Improve Mold Performance

he hot runner system is a heating component assembly used in injection molds that transports molten plastic from the machine nozzles into the mold cavity by a hot runner system and ensures proper flow and pressure while maintaining the desired temperature level.

In the injection molding process, it is essential to process and monitor the melt distribution while increasing throughput, performance, product aesthetics and energy efficiency, reducing component costs and reducing raw material consumption.

System that is easy to operate and can be used directly.

HASCO’s Hot Half H4400 is a fully equipped, ready-to-use complete system with all hot runner components including nozzles, locking plates, backing plates and nozzle retaining plates as well as standard components and fittings. Simply connect the wired system directly to the other mold components. Once connected, the hot mold half is connected to the control and supply peripherals for reliable production.

Prior to delivery, HASCO tested all electrical components with pneumatic or hydraulic drives to ensure they were functioning properly, wired correctly, and properly zoned.

In addition, the relevant dimensions of all assembled components are checked on the coordinate measuring machine, such as the nozzle, the pitch of the guide and the centering device, the nozzle tip position and the nozzle extension, and the mounting dimensions. All test results are recorded in the corresponding report.

Hot Half allows moldmakers and injection mold manufacturers to dramatically reduce hot runner mold design and production time, as well as significantly reduce customer company design fees.

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