Multi-Purpose Intelligent Vacuum Pump Automatically Cuts Off And Is Safer

The multi-purpose vacuum pump weighing only 200g can be used with a variety of vacuum bags and adapter sockets, in addition to vacuum packaging of clothes, vacuum processing of dry goods and opened red wine. Lightweight and convenient, this product is ideal for travel or home use.

The versatile vacuum pump is available in both manual and automatic modes and can be activated by simply plugging in a USB plug or a mobile charging power source and completing the vacuuming process in five minutes. Its intelligent vacuum function removes the air in the vacuum bag or bottle by running the motor. The built-in smart chip can sense the air pressure, automatically cut off the power, avoid overheating, and be safer when used. In addition, the volume of the product is very small, only 30 decibels.

Since the vacuum pump on the market is only used for single use, Chen Xiaoming, business development manager of Hong Kong Fuduo Industrial Co., Ltd. believes that the multi-functional A-Li vacuum pump can stand out in the market. In response to this, Cao Weilun, intelligent manufacturing and materials technology consultant of the Hong Kong Productivity Council, said: “The current sales model and market situation are very different from the previous ones. If companies want to upgrade and transform, they must think deeply when designing products, such as whether the products can Equipped with more features to match today’s and tomorrow’s technology trends to create greater and more value.”

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