Mold Parts FAQ

Stamping parts in the use of the process may appear some of these or such problems, today to introduce the mold part in the stamping process may encounter problems.
1, concave and convex: The open Line has foreign bodies (iron filings, dust) mixed to cause bump;
2, Slide printing: Due to roller sliding caused by sudden stop or acceleration occurs;
3, Roller printing: cleaning rollers or feed rollers attached to foreign bodies (to a fixed pitch occurs), under normal circumstances can be printed on the plate on the roller printing foreign bodies can be removed;
4, Burr: steel plate truncated surface to produce burrs, to the truncated surface as the benchmark, burr height of more than 0.2mm, where the iron powder will damage the mold and produce bump;
5, the coil may be crushed edge wrinkling: The Guide roller may be the mold on the guide roller Gap hours produced by the wrinkle scene, due to the volume into the unyielding balance caused.

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