Modified PBT Material Needed In Automotive Field

Modified PBT material – just need PBT material in the automotive field is an excellent engineering material, has excellent toughness and fatigue resistance, heat resistance, good weather resistance, good electrical properties, low water absorption. The enhanced, flame-retardant modification can significantly improve its heat resistance, modulus, dimensional stability and flame retardancy.

The modified PBT material can meet different functional requirements of various automotive components, such as automotive interior materials should have outstanding performance of high temperature resistance, low gloss, high weather resistance, etc.; exterior parts require high strength, high resistance, resistance to Environmental conditions performance and impact resistance. Therefore, modified PBT materials have been widely used in the automotive field.

Specific applications of PBT materials in the automotive sector include: door lock systems, mirrors, door handles, lamp frames, bumpers, wiper handles, connectors, fuse boxes, headlamp baffles, door handles, ignition systems, and lamp sockets , fuel pump supply components and airbag components.

The application of PBT materials in the automotive industry is diversified. In the next five years, global vehicle production is expected to continue to grow at an average annual growth rate of 3.5%, which will drive the market demand for PBT.

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