Modi Vows To Make The Indian Attractions No More Garbage

Indian Prime Minister Modi vowed to eliminate all disposable plastics in 2022. The country will also launch a campaign against marine litter and promise to make India’s 100 national monuments cleaner and become “no-trash spots”.

According to the report, Modi’s commitment is the most ambitious “killing” action in the world. The move aims to completely stop the plastic pollution of India, the economy with the fastest growing economy of 1.3 billion. “The choices we make today will determine our future,” Modi said during the World Environment Day celebrations. “This choice is not easy, but by raising awareness, technology and a true global partnership, I believe we have made the right choice. Let us unite and work together to defeat plastic pollution and make the planet a better place.”

Eric Solheim, head of the United Nations Environment Department, said: “There is no doubt that we are on the verge of a plastic disaster.” But he praised the Indian initiative: “They have shown that the political movement has become a reality. Action can inspire the world and cause real change.” India is also committed to making India’s 100 national monuments cleaner, including the Taj Mahal.

Modi said: “The most detrimental to environmental degradation is the vulnerable groups. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that material prosperity does not endanger our environment.” In order to fight “plastic pollution” – in 2016, the Indian government ordered the use of thickness less than 50 Micron polyethylene plastic bags; even Indian companies invented edible plastic bags, and launched the initiative to “eat garbage to save the planet” across the country.

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