Metal Effect Spray-Free Material Becomes A Future Development Trend

The metal effect free spray coating material refers to a material that does not need to be sprayed and is directly injection molded to achieve the effect of metal appearance. With the increasing popularity of plastics applications and the aesthetic diversification of people, metal-free spray paints will become the trend of the future.

Metal effect free spray plastic is a new type of engineering plastics, which is modified by adding special metal pigments in special performance plastic carriers and supporting special blending techniques. It is increasingly used in home appliances and automobile industries.

Metal effect free spray material advantages:

  • Direct injection molding, can achieve special light, metal, sparkle, beautiful appearance effect without spraying;
  • Can be completely recycled, environmental protection, reduce the burden on the environment;
  • One-time molding, eliminating the need for spray coating, eliminating the need for post-processing and lowering the cost per unit of product;
  • High design freedom, more flexible parts, and more design possibilities.

Application of non-spraying materials for metal effects: Under the car’s rear bumper guards, door handles, grilles, decorative strips, white goods, small appliances, etc.

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