Market Trends In IMT Processes

In the context of the IMT process, the back cover material cannot be compared to the specific cost alone, but is integrated with the middle frame to locate the price of the product. At present, from the results actually reflected by the market, the usual selection principles for prices from low to high are as follows. Plastic plus metal middle frame, composite plate plus metal middle frame, 2.5D glass plus metal middle frame and 3D glass (ceramic) plus metal middle frame and other forms.

The new IMT process combines the most popular 3D optical texture PVD decoration method with a higher color value and greater curvature than conventional composite panels. For example, the newly-listed Huawei Changxiang 8 series is benefited from the newly developed IMT special material, so that the thickness of the back cover is controlled within 0.8mm, and the medium-frame material is made of PC special fiber reinforced material, so that the overall body has both Rigidity and toughness, the overall body is only 7.8mm, not only feels round and comfortable, but also has the same beautiful effect as the composite sheet process, making the whole body look brilliant.

The current IMT process, based on the new process’s 3D optical texture PVD, is based on a two-layer 3D optical texture PVD. The plastic metal frame determines the price of the entire casing material is the amount of metal CNC processing, and the IMT process compared with last year’s hot high-pressure composite sheet, IMT back cover is not only a decorative piece, but can play a part of the structural parts , reducing the processing time of the middle frame, so it is quite competitive in the 5G era.

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