Management Of Casting Mould For Motor Casing

1. The number of blocks of the motor casing mold is numbered sequentially, and the corresponding sequential number is marked in key parts of the mold, so that the casting operator can quickly identify the corresponding position of the mold ordinal in the production process, which can improve the production efficiency.

2. Set up the mold management account, the account must indicate the mold model specifications, drawing number, production date, the total production life of the mold, the mold has been production quantity, the mold owner, the total number of molds, mold now status and other related information.

3. Every time in the use of mold to have a special person to check the mold, check the contents include: whether there is a different mold shape, the size of the mold to meet the requirements of the drawings, the mold is complete, confirm qualified before normal use.

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