Maguire’s New Mixing System Accurately ‘Feeds’ Your Press

Maguire Products recently introduced a new blender that provides extrusion control based on batch accuracy and measurement accuracy to interface with the entire production line monitoring system.

The new WXB Weighing Extrusion Mixer has proven to be used in the production of blown film, sheet, pipe and profile, wire and cable applications. It combines a weight gain (GIW) weigh bin and weight loss (LIW) mixing chamber with the Maguire 4088 controller. When the GIW accurately weighs the batch ingredients, then they are ordered into the weigh bin in an orderly manner, and the LIW mixing chamber allows the mix to be accurately metered and fed into the processing machine, helping to control the squeeze depending on the process. Pressure and traction. The small tolerances achieved by the agitator (within +/- 0.1%) are key to saving raw materials.

The Maguire4088 controller is designed to communicate with other systems in Industry 4.0. It interfaces the WXB mixer to the Maguire + Syncro monitoring system, which allows a single touch screen HMI to control all parts of the production line. For example, in blown film production, the system controls extruder temperature, raw material metering and consumption data, air ring automation, measurement, internal bubble cooling, reel and cage handling, drag and winder. The system can be used in multiple extruders for coextrusion.

The Maguire + Syncro control display system allows the user to easily observe the single layer and coextrusion process. Available extrusion control modes include pounds or kilograms per hour, extrudate length per hour, and product thickness.

The WXB mixer is available in three models: WXB 100 for 50-100 kg/h throughput; WXB 200 for 100-200 kg/h; WXB 400 for 200-400 kg/h. It can be configured with up to twelve ingredients, each with a separate dispenser. The WXB mixer is integrated and includes a safety-operated guard. The mixing chamber is easy to remove for quick cleaning. All of the loading system options provided by Maguire can be integrated into the controller.

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