Lightweight Materials Power Modern Mobile Solutions

The use of LANXESS high-performance plastics and composites enables the design of components that can replace automotive metal parts for weight reduction, fuel economy and emission reduction. These innovative materials are used in engine components, door frames, pedals, front ends, seats, underbody and cockpit lateral materials. Thanks to the light weight and convenient design of this component, the car loses 50%.

Tepex fiber reinforced composites are used more and more in the automotive, electronics and sports industries. This highly flexible material is produced through an injection molding process that does not require post-processing. This makes Tepex an ideal choice for bulk production. For example, in the sports and sports industry, it is used as a material for the production of soles, bicycle parts, ski boots, protective covers and armor.

LANXESS materials are also widely used in the production of hybrid and electric vehicle components, some of which have proven their value in mass production. These components include charging system components, chargers, battery holders, and sensors and housing portions of electric vehicles. These materials are also used in the production of electric mobile infrastructure, such as housing components, sockets and charging terminals of charging stations.

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