Key Factors To Improve The Productivity Of Injection Molding Machines

Sumitomo (SH) Demag will continue to fulfill its decades of commitment to optimize the elbow technology of all types of models. “The five-point double elbow technology is a key factor in production efficiency. In all-electric injection molding machines, hydraulic In the series of injection molding machines and hybrid rapid cycle injection molding machines, any clamping system is difficult to exceed the five-point double elbow system in terms of mold protection, reliability, precision and energy efficiency,” said Hideki Kuroiwa, chief technology officer of Sumitomo Demag. “This allows us to achieve maximum productivity for our customers.”

The Sumitomo Demag Wiehe plant focuses on the production of the IntElect series of all-electric injection molding machines, which will optimize the entire production process and increase the annual production capacity to 1000 all-electric injection molding machines. At the same time, the delivery time of the injection molding machine will be greatly shortened. Sumitomo Demag management said that after the Japanese Chiba plant is considering upgrading and upgrading, the capacity of all-electric injection molding machines will increase significantly in the future.

“We will continue to focus on upgrading machines and creating lasting value and quality for our machines. The consolidation of our product portfolio is our response to market demand, making Sumitomo Demag a more reliable and stable partner for our customers,” Liebig said.

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