Intelligent Mold

The so-called intelligent manufacturing equipment is a manufacturing equipment with sensing, analysis, decision-making and control functions. In the field of injection molds, molds have been developed that can intelligently control the pressure, temperature, flow and cooling process of the mold cavity. In addition, the intelligentization of mold processing equipment is rapidly advancing the intelligent manufacturing of molds to a new level.

The Fuda Intelligent Division of Quanda Mould (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has launched the in-mold quality sensing system. Its main functions are not only the pressure and mold temperature sensing tests already in foreign countries, but also the melt speed measurement system and online. The weight measurement system and the cooling rate measurement system directly collect large data directly reflecting the quality of injection molding products at various stages of the injection mold work, realize the control and optimization of the comprehensive process parameters, and especially improve the efficiency and quality of precision injection molding production.

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