Intelligent Manufacturing And Automation-Robot

With the disappearance of China’s demographic dividend, the acceleration of labor costs, and the increasing demand for high-quality, high-value-added products in the downstream industries, the Chinese injection molding industry is constantly shifting from low-quality, low-value-added to high-quality, high-value-added products. Intelligent manufacturing and automation will play a huge role in promoting the industrial upgrading of China’s injection molding industry.


Linear or beam robots have been widely used in the injection molding machine industry. Wittmann’s W843 robots have a successful application story in the Chinese market.

Jaeger Poway (Shenzhen) is a foreign-funded enterprise that mainly supplies connectors for well-known heavy truck manufacturers in China and abroad, as well as semi-trailer vehicles and traction vehicles. Major customers include China National Heavy Duty Truck, Dongfeng Motor, China FAW, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, Volvo, Scania and others. The company selected the W843 servo robot from WITTMANN Group. One W843 robot automated two injection molding machines with a clamping force of 100 tons. The processing time for a single product was only 84 seconds, which was significantly shorter than the previous 108 seconds. ; And two injection molding machines need to reduce the number of workers from 8 to 4 per day. WITTMANN’s high-efficiency automation solutions have helped Jaeger Pouwei increase productivity, reduce rejects, and reduce energy consumption.

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