Injection Molding Process Enhances The Performance Of LED Floodlights

The uniform and energy-efficient illumination of a large area is a complex task with different solutions depending on the situation. Floodlights can be distributed over the area or be arranged around the area to be illuminated. The Floodlight 20 LED system of Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH, the Osram subsidiary, is frequently chosen for sports facilities.

High image accuracy

The special optics, which Siteco develops in-house and produces with PLEXIGLAS via an injection molding process, ensure optimal light distribution for the various LED/lens systems.

The brand-name polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) by Evonik has outstanding light transmitting properties and enables precise image accuracy with the sophisticated lens design.

“PLEXIGLAS, with its superior resistance to weathering, is the material of choice for optics in outdoor applications. Moisture, sunlight and temperature cycles hardly affect the material’s properties; luminaires therefore provide a constant, high quality of light for many years,” said René Kogler, product manager at Evonik.

Accordingly, the material is ideally suited for the various climatic conditions encountered in sports facilities–dry in a climbing hall, cold on a ski slope, sunny in a skate park, or moist in a swimming pool complex.

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