IMT Process To Regenerate Plastic

IMT is short for IN Mold Transfer, also known as Insert Mold Three-dimensional.

The traditional IMT process was launched in 2006, similar to the IMR (In-Mold Roller) process. The process at that time was equivalent to the IML (In-Mold Label In-Mold Label) process to remove the color carrier PET layer. The color layer is left on the plastic parts. At that time, the curvature of the product is not large (only 2D), and the color is not rich enough. Basically, there are only silk screen and color layers, and the metal color is rare.

The IMT process is a new process that integrates and extends IML technology and IMR technology.

After more than ten years of development, the current IMT process can leave a 3D optical nano-decorative layer on the plastic surface. Compared with the traditional IMR, it adds 3D optical texture and PVD color film layer, and the arc is larger. It realizes the appearance decoration effect of three-dimensional, photo, gradient and R angle, and provides designers with an excellent innovation and implementation platform in terms of product appearance.

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