IMT Helps CMF Design To Achieve Landing

When we talk about the concept of CMF, it may be a little extended understanding – a successful product can not be separated from “face value, texture and expression.” It is like a physically fit person – it must not only have external beauty, but also have a strong body, but also have a corresponding lifestyle.It also seems to be a well-run enterprise – it must have a beautiful and orderly environment, a healthy and effective organization and management system, and the philosophy, mission and values to maintain its sustainable development.This is a system-integrated concept, a cross-composite concept, and is by no means a single-division concept.

The IMT process combines the most popular 3D optical texture + PVD decoration method, and the new IMT process makes plastic the choice of many CMF designers.

The birth of a successful product requires the coordination of the entire industry chain of design, process, materials, equipment, molds, and post-processing. On the other hand, if everyone is in charge and lacks communication and coordination, it will be difficult to provide products and consumers with products with good experience. This is a new industrial ecology concept. In such an ecology, everyone is interdependent and symbiotic and win-win.

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