Improvement Of Plastic Injection System For Injection Machine

The plasticizing injection device of the injection machine is used for automatically feeding and plasticizing the rubber into the injection mold. The improvement of the plasticizing injection system is to install the hydraulically driven plasticating screw in the injection piston, using a “first in, first out (FIFO)” injection method. The FIFO system works on the first-in, first-out basis of materials to ensure high-precision dosing and high reproducibility and process safety. MAPLAN, a manufacturer of high-end rubber injection molding equipment, is the inventor of the first-in, first-out (FIFO) injection technology. Its injection nozzles are very short and reach the mold directly, which results in extremely low pressure loss. The advanced screw starting method and its special glue feeder drive ensure that the rubber can be reliably input. High plasticizing performance and low energy consumption make extremely economical operations possible. The nozzle section cooling section reliably prevents early vulcanization of the injected compound. The check valve makes the closing path very short, making fast machine cycle times possible. The technique of sealing the shape creates a swirling effect on the flow of the material in the injection chamber, thereby ensuring a consistent and uniform injection volume. Specially developed check valves also facilitate machine cleaning and injection molding changes.

The REP G9 injection machine uses a Y-injection unit. The French REP G9 series is a rubber injection machine designed for Asia. It is a Y-type injection unit. During the injection process, the independent plasticization, injection function and control system combine to make the whole injection unit with perfect precision. And regularity. At the same injection volume, the plasticization and injection separation functions are 25% smaller than the first-in-first-out (FIFO) technique, while the Y-injection unit is twice as accurate as the FIFO. The programmed plasticizing screw reduces the speed before the end of feeding and the metering is more precise.

The C-shaped frame refers to the fully open clamping structure on both sides, which means that the operator can easily operate the injection mold in and out from three directions, which is essential for the molding production of the sealing strip interface or the joint product. conditions of. Hangzhou Daxie Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand of rubber injection machine in China. Its automotive sealing strip angler is a typical C-type equipment. It has the smallest space requirement and the best operating platform. The injection device does not need a check valve, and the measurement is more accurate. The production process does not produce aging glue, no need to hit the material head, more material and more efficient.

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