Hot Runner Packaging Hot Mouth Technology Highlights

As the technical representative of the pyramid in the global hot runner field, Germany männer has always focused on the research and development and application of hot runner technology. In order to better serve the Asian market, männer will launch the “packaging hot mouth” for the Asian market for the first time. The product was officially announced for the first time on the 2-3th of the month of the “Asian CPRJ 6th Plastic Packaging Technology Forum and Exhibition” held in Suzhou.

According to Liu Xin, Managing Director of männer Hong Kong, the “packaging hot mouth” for the Asian market is mainly suitable for PP, PE, ABS, PS and other common materials. It can be used in the production of caps, flips and other packaging. Main features It can be summarized as: optimized heating system, faster delivery, and simple maintenance.

Liu Xin emphasized that “packaging hot mouth” still retains all the advantages of the company’s traditional products, including the balance of multi-hole products, high service life and high pressure. At the same time, compared with similar products on the market, männer can do more precision in the details, such as gold or silver caps, usually leave a weld line, hot runner design can cleverly avoid the weld line, let it appear In places that do not affect the appearance quality. In order to shorten the delivery time of the products, männer will also produce some parts in Suzhou and assemble them locally.

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