High Performance Materials For Extremely Lightweight Caps

Lightweight packaging means reducing the materials used in the production process and effectively achieving sustainable development. Materials suppliers are striving to develop innovative materials and processing technologies to meet the market’s lightweight requirements.

SCG Chemicals showcases ultra-thin and ultra-wide films produced by SMX technology on CHINAPLAS 2018. SCG Chemical’s newly developed SMX technology can be used to produce innovative PE resins with higher mechanical properties. This new technology is one of the highlights of the company CHINAPLAS 2018. As a major Asian manufacturer and supplier of a full range of petrochemical products from upstream monomer to downstream polymers (including PE, PP, PVC), SCG Chemical has more than 150 global sales in addition to its own country, namely Thailand. Countries sell products.

To demonstrate the advantages of SMX technology, the company placed 1.5 kilograms of bricks in a 3 micron thick ultra-thin film bag and a 10 micron thick HDPE film bag.

Thanapat Kaweetraiphop, director of food and beverages at SCG Chemical, explains that processors and formulators can reduce film thickness, saving materials while providing better mechanical properties.

SMX technology can also be used to produce lighter caps and stoppers. Thanapat added: “Usually each cover weighs more than 2 grams. We successfully developed a 1.8-gram cover using SMX technology. People can save the planet by reducing material, thanks to improved material properties.”

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