FDA Compliant For Multi-Component Applications With PA

The new compound of the FC/AD/PA THERMOLAST K series from KRAIBURG TPE is aimed at processing manufacturers in the consumer and food industries. These materials have been specially developed to provide direct adhesion to food and excellent polyamide adhesion. The natural color compound has a Shore A hardness of 40°-80°. They are not only easy to process, easy to color, but also have high tensile strength and elongation at break.

This makes the TPE family particularly suitable for a wide range of products, directly in contact with food, oral contact, such as packaging containers and packaging seals, some kitchen utensils and tableware. It can even be applied to the sealing strips of sporting goods, cosmetics and hearing aids.

Kappa Gum will be on Fakuma 2018, through in-depth technical discussions and interviews, to let the audience understand the market and technology application cases of its products. KRAIBURG TPE products are used in a wide range of applications, from automotive window profiles, consumer goods, electric vehicles, electronic surgical instruments and new mascara tubes.

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