FANUC Injection Molding Ceramic Powder Molding Machine

Japan FANUC is a well-known injection molding machine manufacturer. Its global sales-leading FANUC ROBOSHOT all-electric injection molding machine has advanced functions, precise control, fast speed and low energy consumption. It has a leading position in the middle and high-end injection molding market. It is widely used in precision optics, biomedicine, automotive electronics, precision gears, digital electronics, food packaging, micro connectors and other industries.

Because it is about to enter the 5G era, due to the signal, the original metal backplane can no longer meet the requirements of use, and must be changed to glass or ceramic. Major mobile phone manufacturers have begun to use ceramic backplanes instead of metal backplanes, and ceramic backsheets are not weaker than glass in strength, feel and appearance. FANUC follows the new trend and highlights the ceramic powder injection molding system, which can be used for injection molding mobile phone back shells.

Yu Xingdan, the agent of the sales department of FANUC injection molding machine, said, “In most cases, mobile phone manufacturers are still using ceramic isostatic pressing methods to make ceramic back plates. The disadvantages are that the products are thick, the yield is not high, and the waste is serious. The whole industry The consensus is to improve by injection molding. Injection molding is the most environmentally friendly, the most efficient, the best dimensional stability, and the relative requirements for the entire equipment will be relatively high.”

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